Immaculate Veil cabal member


Spheres: correspondence 4, mind 3, life 3, spirit 3, entropy 2


Moriarty’s job is essentially to use the Sleeper networks of his cabal mates to locate and then extract artefacts and grimoires that might otherwise be unknown. Where these items cannot be extracted, Moriarty records their location in case they can be extracted in future. He also watches newly Awakened mages as he has a theory that Sleepers subject to prolonged exposure to Artefacts are more likely to Awaken than others. He skirts the two usual Mysterium stereotypes, moving between the bookish mystic and intrepid adventurer as required. His knowledge of the Athenaeum is comprehensive, and he can also recite most artefacts held in the Lodge Librarium. He is always happy to chat and assist newly Awakened mages, and sometimes asks them to help him in his less dangerous or esoteric pursuits.


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