Provost of the Torrens Pact Consilium, Claviger of the Silver Ladder Caucus and Immaculate Veil cabal leader


Spheres: time 4, entropy 4, mind 4, life 3, space 3, spirit 2.


Oedipus is an important figure in the Silver Ladder, more so given his links to the other orders via his cabal. The Immaculate Veil includes the Free Council Emissary and Guardian of the Veil Epopt. The fact that the Immaculate Veil is generally the main source of semi-trained new mages for the orders also gives him a degree of power outside traditional channels. He rarely trades actively on this power, however, and is a well-liked figure amongst young mages due to his role in ushering them into the community. Mages with more power tend to find him personally charming, but privately infuriating as he is almost untouchable due to his appeal and power. Oedipus does work hard for his position, however. He works as Provost to Councillor Europa, is a Claviger of the local Silver Ladder Caucus and is engaged in a long-term game of thrust and parry with the local New World Order. He works to undermine the agents and activities of the “Two Cathedrals” (NWO) while keeping the Orphanage focused on inspiring humanity to accept its eventual fate as enlightened masters of the universe. While every member of the Immaculate Veil has important personal activities to undertake, they also assist him heavily in this mission.


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