Avatar (3): ??

Resources (1): ?

Mentor (3): Master Goran Zendrics (a Hunter with some hedge magician training).

Allies (2): Hunters

Spheres (Arete 2): Forces (2), Mind (1), Prime (1), Spirit (2)


Aspiring demon hunter. Raised by mother in a life influenced by ‘demons’ (Nephilim). Mother was a hedge magician involved with a number of Hunter groups and Madison was trained in sword fighting by Goran Zendrics. When she was five years old her older foster sister Madiline was murdered by a nephilim cabal. Her ghost anchored into an old locket that Madison inherited. Madiline haunts her, manifesting from time to time (18 year old woman). Her mother was killed when Madison was 15 (by a ‘fire demon’, another nephilim), causing her Awakening. During the course of the Awakening she ignited her sword and destroyed the nephandus. She has managed to run under the radar of the Traditions and Technocracy by being nurtured by Hunters since.


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