Immaculate Veil cabal member and Emissary of the Shield Council.


Spheres: entropy 4, time3, life 4, prime 3, matter 2, mind 1.


Janus is the only Shield Council mage who is in any Grand Cabal in the Consilium. She is therefore both in a position of incredible power and utter impotence, seemingly at the same time. The pressures of this job are intense and frustrating, as at times it leads her to be vilified by Free Council and Diamond alike. However, due to the current situation, it means she sits in a nexus of communication between the two peak bodies in Adelaide. Luckily for all she is just about the most gracious, centred woman anyone could ever meet and she goes about this job with kindness, compassion, gentility and sincerity. As such, she is extremely well liked by almost all, and those who mistake this for naiveté are quickly disabused of that notion when she begins talking. Within her cabal Janus is almost worshipped. She is the undoubted mother hen of the cabal, the master of the sanctum and the final arbiter on all internal disputes. All four of the men she essentially looks after love her unreservedly, despite all having been rebuffed at some point for their romantic advances. She is utterly devoted to them as well, but has manufactured a situation through constancy and kindness where she is unambiguously equal in her platonic affections. By virtue of the cabal’s job role, Janus also often becomes a den mother, by proxy, to new mages. Universally adored, she is also, allegedly, completely chaste.


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