Immaculate Veil cabal member and Epopt of the Guardians.


Spheres: forces 4, prime 4, life 5, mind 3, space 3, entropy 1.


Faust is as close to James Bond as anyone in Adelaide could be. He actually seems like the kind of guy who could make a deal with the Devil and still walk away with a spring in his step knowing he would cheat the deal later. His shadow name is a very deliberate irony that invites others to ask “who is the Devil?”. He is suave, manipulative, charming and handsome, even amongst a group of handsome men. It is his job to manage the clandestine network of Sleeper cults and secret societies that Guardians of the Veil in the city oversee. He maintains three such himself (The Order of the Mysteries of the Pilgrim’s Crypt, the Chapterhouse of St James and the Red Men) while also able to hold up his cabal and order responsibilities. In many ways he is the Guardians’ “good cop” to the Shining Court’s “bad cop” and he spends a lot of time negotiating favours and obligations with other cabals. He is one of the up and comers of the current magical generation and many other orders look at him and wonder why he became a Guardian.


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