Avatar (4): “the Dragon”, as Diego calls it, a Rainbow Serpent that gives him firm, angry advice in enigmatic ways.

Past Lives (3): descendant of Tjintrin (Wagtail), an indigenous Dreaming trickster and friend of Tiritpa.

Familiar (4): ??

Spheres (Arete 3): Forces (3), Life (1), Prime (1), Spirit (1)


Nine year old orphan. Has a connection to Kamari (lost half brother). Both ended up in the Adelaide Orphanage and in the class of a certain Miss Clara Hope while she Awakened. Both subsequently underwent their own Awakenings. In Diego’s case he went into a meditative state where he met the Dragon (his Avatar – actually a Rainbow Serpent, but its face is only ever visible). The Dragon told him he was the “Tjintrin”, but not much else.


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