Clara Hope


Avatar (3): Victorian Era chimney sweep, like Dick Van Dyke in MP.

Familiar (2): sprite called [?] – requires 2Q per week; can provide some advice in Cosmology, Enigmas and Occult; can sense each other’s feelings; can absorb up to 10p of Paradox.

Spheres (Arete 3): Corr (2), Forces (1), Matter (2), Prime (1)


Primary school relief teacher, brought up in Australia to wealthy but mostly absent parents. Grew up on a sugar cane plantation outside Tambourine (Stone Haven Manor is the family home – QLD). Came to Adelaide for University. Has some connection to her family (small weekly stipend). Has been teaching for about 2 years, has a small group of teaching friends. Lives in a colonial style cottage near the top end of Greenhill Rd. Teaches at a range of schools. Also volunteers at an orphanage (Adelaide Orphanage) and has just started helping out there. Both parents alive, two brothers, all work at the farm.

Awakening: during a helper session at the orphanage, produced an ‘imaginary’ toy from her bag. Over a few days several amazing things happen until the whole singing and dancing spectacular comes to life (cartoon penguins included).

Starts spending more time at the orphanage and begins to investigate her abilities through application to the class.

Clara Hope

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