Berenice Hooper

Devoted nurse to Dr Tropeano



Talents: alertness 1, awareness 2, empathy 1, intimidation 1, subterfuge 2.
Skills: crafts (tattoos) 3, drive 2, melee (scalpel) 2, research 1, stealth 1, technology 3.
Knowledges: academics 3, computer 2, enigmas 1, medicine 4, occult 1, science 2.

Spheres: correspondence 3, entropy 2, life 2.

Arete 2 Willpower 5 Initiative 6

Health O -1 -1 -2 -2 -5 I D

Quintessence 3 Paradox 0

Hinder (4): obstructs a person from undertaking a task (C3, L2). Successes take from target’s action (if fuelled with Q, each success acts as a natural 1). Coincidental and instant.

Remote Surgery (4): attacks from a distance with scalpel, enhancing damage with E (C2, L2, E2). One success allows remote attack (attack roll made separately with bonus depending on success of rote. Vulgar.

Bad Luck (4): requires an additional success for duration. Extra success means that, for target, natural rolls of 2 count as natural 1s. Third success makes natural 3s count as 1s, and so on. Lasts for a scene. Coincidental.

Escape Clause (5): Opens a portal. Vulgar.

Scalpel: base ST, lethal damage (-1 Diff to any aimed blow). Combat pool 5.

Dr Tropeano’s Stethoscope: can store up to 5 points of Paradox, bleeding off one point into any being that it is used upon, causing intense pain (-1 DP modifier for 10 minutes). Currently holding 2.


A nurse to Dr Orphus Tropeano, Berenice Hooper idolizes the Dr and caters to his every need. His death at the hands of Subject 047 was devastating to her and she is filled with a rage she cannot control for long. The monster that killed him must be destroyed, along with all who shelter him, like the girl that was loitering outside during the raid.

Berenice Hooper

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